The holiday season is just a week away and there is a lot to do to make your space accommodating of guests. We understand that. But while the decorations and dinner menu on the 24th are essential, you should also take notice of your garage.   

Here is the thing about garages that homeowners can resonate with: you may take hours before you find the thing you are finding at the back of your garage. On top of that, you know there are several items you have not used in ages that are just waiting to rot in your garage. It is probably time for you to declutter and make some renovations. 

There are a few changes you can do including having an epoxy flooring Melbourne, junk removal, make-over, and adding some space.  

Step 1: Declutter  

Before you make any changes and renovations, you need to toss away some items that are not usable anymore. Welcome the holiday and the new year with a fresh start and fresh stuff both in your house and garage, whether it be sports equipment, gym items, or empty boxes — the list can go on. Removing the items can help you effectively design, renovate, and coat your floor later.   

You may as well donate or sell some items which you deem okay to use. For heavier objects, you can hire a dumpster service so you can get rid of the clutter easily.   

Step 2: Prepare Your Garage  

Now that all the clutter has been removed, you can now easily prep your garage for more DIY projects. Here are some things you can do:  

  • Update your garage door seals – if your garage doors seals are not properly fit and not functioning well, replace them so you do not have to deal with the inconvenience.   
  • Schedule your maintenance projects – home maintenance can be longer than you expect. So, better for you to schedule your home maintenance by the project. Have some time for garage tasks only.   
  • Remove the floor fixtures – you will need to replace your old flooring as it can have significant changes in your garage especially if it is not cemented or walled. You can also remove some appliances and sinks.   

Step 3: Renovate the Floor  

Floor coating or epoxy would be a great investment in your garage. Besides the aesthetics it provides in your floor, the epoxy provides more protection to your floor which also makes it easier to clean your floor. When it comes to putting epoxy on your floor, it is advised that you contact a professional service rather than doing it on your own.   

Step 4: Have More Space   

Have more space by building some cabinets and/or storage space. In this way, your things will be kept organized. There are many kinds of DIY cabinets that you can install but you can start with walled cabinets that can be easily removed when you need the space.   

Do the following:  

  • Only do DIYs when you have prior experience  
  • Consider the carp placement when you are planning on installing some shelves  
  • For vertical spaces, you can add some hooks